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sound off
can i wish all preston a happy and prosperous new year.
billy7 - 31/12/2008

lucky davy
ya forgor to mention a supermarket on your doorstep to david mi lad.
billy7 - 20/12/2008

Preston Docks
It's great to live on the Dock development. So handy for everything and five busses an hour into town centre. I wouldn't live anywhere else
David Graham - 19/12/2008

Just wanted to say ... I came across your website by chance but now I look at the webcam every day as I live in Washington DC and my parents live in Powis Road right in line with your camera so I can get a sense of the weather there! Its absolutely great. I've told numerous other expatriot friends about the camera and they also look at it regularly. We're all homesick... luckily, I'm coming home just after Christmas for ten days! Thanks so much for the webcam - its great. Nicola
Nicola Williams - 13/12/2008

Preston Dock History
Hello - a number of my students are doing a History of Preston Dock Display for the Ribble Steam Railway Museum. If you worked at the docks - please get in touch, we would love to talk to you.   Billy Frank (  
Billy - 03/12/2008

to all the ghosts of yesteryear. a very merry xmas to you all.
billy g - 28/11/2008

can anyone give me the number for the green frog
chris meadows - 18/11/2008

its the liverpool tide tables for the lancs coast bud.   tight my fish in a beer and lemon batter.
billy - 13/11/2008

BILLY - 11/11/2008

you can purchase a tide table from any tackle shop bud.
billy - 09/11/2008

hi there i would like to go fishing yet again at bulls nose can you please tell me what time the tide is in on the 1st of november tomorrow regards anthony thank you
anthony - 31/10/2008

had me a thick chip sarnie yesterday noon. took it over to the dockside to eat at leisure.alas, old freeloading mast-head charley was circling above, watching my every move.he made me feel so guilty, that i had to throw half of it to him. he swooped down and in a couple of gulps, my sarnie was gone.strangely, i walked away feeling he just might...just might be an old docker,glad of any scraps thrown his way.speaking of which...wonder if all the old dockers reicarnate as seagulls????hmm, i wonder.
billy - 23/10/2008

begining to realise why i saw a spook on the dock...this site is like a ghost town????aint just nobody in the flesh appearing here??? are all the dockers in some marina in the sky???
billy - 20/10/2008

did you know jimmy turner?
billy - 07/10/2008

hi im trying to find out how to get a job or apply for the unloading of the boats that come in if you can help me with this info i would apprciate it greatly thank you
danny masterson - 07/10/2008

when I answered an advert in the paper for drivers and the reply came back from belfast, then started a hell of a job the other lads and I did not know who we worked for but were paid so get on with first unit was a commer long nosed with a p6 engine then a comet 90 all black running day and night then all hell broke out and we found out who we were working for two guys at irish ferry running the firm we drove for on the side guess who ???? take care see bye bryan
BRYAN BRINDLE - 04/10/2008

coming back from the lights in blackpool, i decided to drive through the dock with my missus.i was giving her the grand tour, pointing out where and what stood here and there. the time was 9.30 pm.whilst we parked there, this cyclist was riding toward us. i have seen this man so often in the past, i had no doubt as to who he was.he was T-D, THE MAN WHO PICKED YOU FOR WORK ON THE he drew closer he just faded like a mist in sunlight.i have to say i just sat there and tried to reflect on what we both had seen???why did i see him??this guy never did me any favours. the wifes still jumpy at her experience.
billy - 02/10/2008

re baines
kenny posts he"d like to hear from x dockers????where are ye kenny????x dockers reply????but ya gone all schtum bud???
billy - 29/09/2008

r- i -p
i am utterly amazed that no x dockers visit this page???ok, the pute may have arrived a little late in their lives, but hey, heres one dumbo that can find his way around a keyboard, and if i can, anyone can. my daughter introduced me to the world of puting, and all of its untold abilities. for instance i am considered by some to be a well educated freak,truth is, i get all the answers of does it all except make "gravy".
billy - 24/09/2008

Request for information
Please could anyone help? I am a teacher in Preston and need some further information about Preston Docklands. We are studying the developments at the docks, affects on wildlife, pollution, leisure facilities, where the boats come from and go to, working on the docklands (past and present) and the future of Preston Docklands. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me if that helps.
Mark - 19/09/2008

doo de dooo doo, de doo de dummmm   i"m singing in the rain, just singing in the rainnnn   quiet on the waterfront swinging cranes, no bustle and rush on the quay side. wheres everyone gone????like the song says,...everyones gone to the moon.
billy - 16/09/2008

dock circa 1988
just researching preston docks, and found some old video footage on youtube, i say old, it is for me 1988, i was one.You will have to put "prestonlancs" in the search because it belongs to that website.Morrisons was there then, but nothing much else.
simon jackson - 16/09/2008

Here are the links to the videos:-

YouTube - preston lancs 1988 part 1
YouTube - preston lancs 1988 part 2

whilst eating my prawn butty, and leaning oer the dockside wall, i noticed "freeloader" he"s the gull who stalks me when he spots me and my sarnie. he was captivated by something below the surface that i couldnt see. he kept diving in the same spot, time and time again.never came up with owt in his beak???just wondered sandra, could he spot the twinkle of your lads bracelett???
billy - 13/09/2008

ONLY ONE SONG ON THE DOCK TONY   dayo......come de light an i wanna go home.   banana boat song. (:-)
BILLY - 09/09/2008

Hi   I wrote a song about Preston Dock which has just been recorded on CD. Anyone interested please get in touch.   Tony
Tony whitfield - 09/09/2008

hi gal...yeah, tell ya dad to quit malingering in that hospice, theres a banana boat in on the next tide. my e mail addy is on here if he ever wants to drop a line. i'm still A/OK health wise(wonder what ive been doing right??)joe winders keeps me up to date on the guys ive known, and who's still breathing, and who's gone over for there rewards.give im all my best gal.
billy - 08/09/2008

Kenny Baines
Hi there Billy - my dad is still around although in Royal Preston Hosp at the minute - (6 Sep 08)- i mentioned you to him on a recent visit and he remembers you well.   let me know if you have amessage for him - take care Sue
Sue Brown nee Baines - 07/09/2008

did you know frank hasty/john o/rourke/eric hornby,tommy doherty??they were dockers who worked the ferry boats(securing cargoes and/or discharging cargoes
billy - 31/08/2008

Junction Hotel
Thanks Billy for the reminder. Funny thing is I dont remember the clay, but then we only drank in there after finishing a truck run. Seeing as how I was a distance driver(as much as you could be in the UK) that was mainly weekends. Thanks again.
Ronald Gilham - 29/08/2008

I wrote a song about Old Preston Dock many years ago which was sung often in the Parkfield club. It has now been recorded by P Foye on CD, if anyone is interested please e-mail me on   Tony
Tony Whitfield - 29/08/2008

junction ron.   fav haunt of dockers at lunchtime, full o china clay.and anyone else who sat in a seat after they"d gone back to work.
billy - 28/08/2008

Northern Ireland Trailers
I worked for NITS late 50s to March 1970. Emigrated to Australia.Used to drink in the Boddingtons house(cant remember the name) opposite the Wheatsheaf.Any old NITS Drivers still around who have memories of those days. Be nice to hear from you.
Ronald Gilham - 27/08/2008

just a thought?   whats the chances of the owd preston docks having a place for a water sports event in the olympics, in four years time???might just nudge the preston council to get their heads together and figure the possibilities out???or am i just having a senior moment(again)
billy - 25/08/2008

My grandad - Anthony Flynn
My grandad worked on the docks and used to drink in the pubs down there. Anthony Flynn (used to go by Tony though) just wondered if anyone ever worked with him or knew him.   Thanks     Anthony
Anthony - 24/08/2008

Preston Pilot Boat
Hello, I worked on the docks initially as a messenger boy for the Dock Offices. I used to deliver mail to all the sheds and store. I later went to work on the Trinity House Pilot boats. I worked on St Joan, St Ann and The Valiant. The Harbour Master was Captain Everett. My Skipper on the pilot boat was John Eccles who I believe is still working on the docks , also there was Mick Woods and another Mick, who I think works as a fireman now in Lytham? Now aged 55 I was 16 when I first worked on the docks. I have looked hard for information on the Pilot Boats but it seems that there has not been a lot archived . So any help with photos would be appreciated.
Vincent Stables - 18/08/2008

Northern Ireland Trailers
Looking at the photo of the Atkinson submitted by Chris Gardener I feel sure that it was the one I drove.Although I seem to remember that the second ster was forward of the drive with the fuel tanks between the steers. I maybe wrong after all these years but I can only remember we had only one of these trucks. Can someone correct on this
Ronald Gilham - 18/08/2008

Atkinson Truck Photo
Chris Gardener. I worked for N.I.T.S for 13 years late 50s to 1970. emigrated to Australia March 1970. I think that truck in the photo was mine.Twin Steer Single Drive.Fairly certain we only had the one in 1966.Happy days.
Ronald Gilham - 17/08/2008

Penwortham Environment Centre's 10th birthday!
Penwortham Environment Centre is having a party on saturday 30th August and everyone's invited! We're celebrating 10 years of environmental education delivered at the centre and across Lancashire, with a Community Green Fair. We want all the community, current staff, ex-staff, volunteers and anyone interested to come and help us celebrate our achievements. It'll be a great family day out with loads of fun activities: face painting, pond dipping, wildlife talks/displays, meet a viking, local food and more!
Hope to see you there :)
You can find the centre down Howick Cross Lane, Penwortham, Preston, PR1 0NS
Liz Webley - 13/08/2008 22:38

My dad worked on the Dredgers
Hi there my father Albert Cowell worked on the dredgers in the 60s and early 70s i can recall going on the boat but do not recall the name only that he loved the job and the people he worked with sadly my father passed away last year 1 week before his 70th birthday but memories of times gone by live on     Yvonne
Yvonne Cowell - 30/07/2008

billy - 28/07/2008

Went to the docks today to have a walk around and looking into the water saw hundreds and hundreds of baby fish, can anyone tell us what they are please. and also the bubbles coming up my husband said they are a certain fish that blow bubbles off the bottom but couldn't remember which one or ones they were can someone help please.   The docks are so calming and peaceful. It lovely to be able to walk around and a gentle pace.  
Sandra Jones - 27/07/2008

Can you help me or be able to give me details of someone who can, a couple of months ago I took my grandchildren to feed the ducks at the Docks in Preston, sadly my grandson lost his ID bracelet when he went to throw some bread for the ducks the bracelet went as well. Does anyone clean the docks at any time or has anyone found it please.   Many thanks   S.Jones
Sandra Jones - 27/07/2008

i am amazed at no postings on here from x dockers???i am as old as the hills, and computer litterate, so does that make me a genius???come on j steele,and the rest o yis...get with the 21 century mates, can be very interesting, apart from shrinking this old world.
billy - 23/07/2008

al fresco
sat in the sun outside morrisons on the dock...had me a chip butty and a cup o coffee.apart from a free-loading gull, who was watching his chance to release me from my butty,the place was sooo quiet. never thought in my day these docks with such an history, would ever come to this.sad. still, like my old man used to say...nowts ferever lad.
billy - 14/07/2008

VHF Radio course
Hi Folks     Just to let you know I am running a VHF Radio course down at Preston Marina on Sat 12th July 2008     From 0915 till 1700     Tuition fees 70 per person   RYA Certification fees 25 pp     For a place or further info call   Paul 07704 143747  
Paul Harrison - 30/06/2008

er, seems like kenny"s gone to the stud in the skies???where are ya hiding mr baines??
billy - 29/06/2008

kenny baines
aint many of us left now bro. good to see your still breathing. i take a trip down memory lane now and then. take refreshments in morrisons, whilst looking out at a silent ghost, that was once so active.
billy - 23/06/2008

kenny baines
ya still breathing then kenny??catch ya on the stud, theres a banana boat due.
billy - 20/06/2008

Empire Cedric & Doric
Has anyone any photographs of these ships (ex Royal Navy L.S.T.s) when they were operating out of and whilst operating at Preston Docks (unloading & loading lorries). If so would they be prepared to loan me them to scan and copy. They would be taken care of and returned promptly.   Thanks and regards,   Mr J.Sexton.
J.W.Sexton - 11/06/2008

Please could somebody help!!   I'm interested in doing a spot of fishing around the docks. Would you be able to email me back with information regarding places to fish, park and any permits I might need. If you don't know this information, could you send me any contact details of anyone who does.   Thank you
Peter Holmes - 02/06/2008

Northern Ireland Trailers
hello, I'm still on the lookout for any photographs of the lorries operated by Northern Ireland Trailers from Preston Dock - I own an ex-N.I.T. Atkinson tractor unit, JRN 38H
Chris Gardner - 22/04/2008

BRS and what followed
I worked on the dock from 1964 to 1974 as a clerk at BRS (Irish Ferry Branch) which later became Roadferry and then amalgamated with ACCS (Anglo Continental Container Services) and became Containerway and Roadferry Ltd in about 1967. It took up just the Roadferry name again later on after several different owners and is once again due to disappear as they have been bought in the last few weeks by DSV (DFDS) a large Danish haulier. I worked in an office with people like George Dickinson, Peter Alston, George Grundy, Alan Hudson, Kate, Kath,Phil, Brenda, Carole, Victor, etc etc, happy days when life seemed a lot slower and 'health and safety' wasn't invented to prevent the job being done. I started on £8 a week and left after becoming a salesman at the Gateshead Branch in 1978 so in total worked for the company for 14 years and am still employed in the transport and freight business albeit in Bristol now.
John Flaherty - 21/04/2008

Port of Preston, Official Handbook
I have been having a tidy out and have found a booklet entitled Port of Preston, Official Handbook, the date I am unsure of, but in it advertises sailings to Dublin daily except Sundays, and to Waterford Thursday and Sunday. Would anyone be interested in looking at it.
Carol Tinsley - 24/03/2008

I worked alongside my Late Brother Phil,and former Preston Boxer Sammy Sullivan, for a company called Limmer and Trinidad Asphalt on Preston Docks around 1964/5 it was next to Dawsons Shipbreakers and scrapyard,Limmer was a Liverpool based company,it was very hard work but great fun,anyone with photos of the plant or that worked there please get in touch,cheers Pete.
Pete Allen - 26/01/2008

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